Der Kaiser von Atlantis oder Die Todverweigerung

Wo die schönen Trompeten blasen
Das irdische Leben
aus Gustav Mahler: Des Knaben Wunderhorn (1892-98)

Gustav Mahler: Der fahrende Geselle (1884)
in der Bearbeitung von Arnold Schönberg (1919)

Der Kaiser von Atlantis oder die Todverweigerung
Spiel in einem Akt (1946)


Conductor: Roberto Paternostro
Kaiser Overall: Nikolay Borchev
Der Lautsprecher | Der Tod: Lars Woldt
Harlekin | Ein Soldat: Johannes Chum
Bubikopf, ein Soldat: Çigdem Soyarslan
Der Trommler: Ann-Beth Solvang
Orchestra: Israel Chamber Orchestra


The concentration camp Theresienstadt was since 1941 intended on the one hand as a transit camp for the Jewish population of the “Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia” before they were sent to the death camps and on the other as a “model camp” with a view to allaying the suspicions of foreign observers. The composer Viktor Ullmann was deported to Theresienstadt in 1942 and created a chamber opera with the poet and painter Peter Kien: Der Kaiser von Atlantis (The Emperor of Atlantis, or The Refusal of Death). Since it was obviously directed at Hitler and the madness of the National Socialists, the opera was never performed. Ullmann was deported to Auschwitz in 1944, where he was murdered in the gas chamber.