Capriccioso 2016 2 ©Laurent Ziegler

Jugend macht Oper gives young people the chance to perform on stage and play in the orchestra pit. The annual project lasts from October to April. The plot and roles for the young people's opera are developed as a group during a workshop phase. Rehearsals are then held with the customary frequency. One principal focus of attention is singing, while the music is arranged or composed for the young people in close cooperation with all those involved. The participants receive training in acting and singing in preparation for the performance.


Youth opera 2020/21

Opera by and for young people aged 14 to 21

This season, we want to conquer all Vienna with our youth opera. The topics for the work titled DAFÜR! (“All for it!”) come from the young participants themselves: together they express their support of something that concerns them and moves them. They work on the text, dramaturgy and music with professionals and are actively involved in all aspects. Choir rehearsals, voice training and workshops on acting, choreography, set design, costumes and music will be held all over the city.

The young people will be engaged in workshop groups on various topics while at the same time choir rehearsals will be held for everyone. It is here that the youngsters contribute their own music. Forms of movement will be explored and exchanged in choreography workshops, and the acting group will try out ideas in improvisations. The young participants can also join in the work on stage sets and





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