Rouge et noir

A revue in the new, old "Hölle".

In the autumn of 1906 Siegmund and Leopold Natzler opened a cabaret
company in the cellar of Theater an der Wien: the “Hölle” (hell).
The aim was to provide intelligent and popular entertainment. Good inhouse
writers, a crowd-pulling leading lady and a programme cleverly
tailored to the audience’s wishes made the “Hölle” one of the most durable
cabaret theatres to be founded during the pre-war years. The stars
of the “Hölle” were Fritz Grünbaum, Béla Lászky and his wife, the acclaimed
diseuse Mela Mars, Ralph Benatzky and Josma Selim. Music
was provided by Franz Lehár who parodied his own successful works
in the “Hölle”, Leo Fall, Edmund Eysler and a young Robert Stolz. The
turns included chansons, ingeniously humorous talks, solo numbers,
sketches, risqué songs, one-act plays and small-scale operettas. Guest
performers and variety numbers made the programme still more varied.
A modern restaurant in a Jugendstil ambience took care of the audience’s
bodily needs. The greatest names of the Viennese cabaret scene
helped make the “Hölle” a success: Heinrich
Eisenbach, Hans Moser, Karl Farkas and Egon Friedell. In the 1920s
the popularity of the “Hölle” reached new heights thanks to Hugo Wiener,
Fritz Heller and Stella Kadmon.
Following the successful series of performances in 2009/10, Marie-Theres
Arnbom and Georg Wacks have put together a new programme
that takes audiences down into the depths of the “Hölle” and presents
highlights from twenty years of cabaret in authentic costumes and with
magnificent sets.
The music for the evening is provided by the Albero Verde ensemble led
by Christina Renghofer.



Konzeption und Regie: Georg Wacks
Klavier: Christina Renghofer
Mitwirkender. Christoph Wagner-Trenkwitz
Mitwirkende: Elena Schreiber
Mitwirkender: Stefan Fleischhacker
Mitwirkender: Martin Thoma
Mitwirkender: Georg Wacks
Ensemble: Albero Verde