New Year's Eve | „The flying Schnörtzenbrekkers“

Bang on time for the start of the new year (at about twenty-five past) Messrs Breinschmid, Gürtler and Huber will provide the long-awaited answers to those existential questions that keep recurring: Is there life after this concert?
Can I take my drink into the auditorium? What on earth am I doing here anyway? In addition you will be given a list a new-year resolutions to be used only once, and tips on the topics mentioned in the title. The concert’s main theme will be, as ever, the oeuvre of Ivica Strauss – a blank (or black?) area on the map of music history. Sensational new discoveries such as the church opera “In Belgrad steht ein Hofbräuhaus” or his groundbreaking work “Die Kunst der Wachstumsfuge” – for which he received the Discount Award (reduced prize for astounding disservice to music) worth 99 cents – will be presented to audiences for the first time. Intimate details from Ivica Strauss’s private life, such as his ill-starred relationship with the Turkish dancer Hüften Schwüngür, known as “The Skeletal Sophia”, and shocking diary entries (29 September 1820: “When am I finally going to be born?”) round off the programme. In short, a festive-senseless programme of concerts is in store for you whose negligible IQ emissions have earned it the Karl Moik Badge of the Region of Southern Carinthia-Upper Carniola.


Double bass, Composer

Georg Breinschmid

Violin, Composer

Sebastian Gürtler

Accordeon, Composer

Tommaso Huber