Jugendoper: Figaro Royal

Musiktheater von und für Jugendliche auf der Basis der Oper von Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Sonntag, 19. April 2015
17:00 Uhr

In Kooperation mit dem Musikgymnasium Wien

Jugend an der Wien makes opera and an opera house accessible to young people and gives them the chance to find out more about this art form. In introductory sessions, workshops, discussions with artists, guided tours behind the scenes and not least by singing and acting themselves the participants in Jugend an der Wien come into contact with modern musical theatre and benefit from a look at performances from several different angels. At the Theater an der Wien and in the Kammeroper the youngsters have the chance to experience musical theatre at the very highest level.

This year, Jugend an der Wien will again be accompanying the programmes of both the Theater an der Wien and the Kammeroper as its second venue. Since the 2013/14 season, morning performances for schools have been offered in the Kammeroper. If desired, these performances can be accompanied by a comprehensive range of complementary activities. There are also fascinating school projects taking place in the Theater an der Wien: preparatory material, workshops and visits to rehearsals are offered for selected opera productions as extensions of school lessons. Jugend macht Oper offers young people the chance to become actively involved on stage and in the orchestra pit in a professional setting outside school. Fans of Jugend an der Wien aged up to 26 again have the opportunity to make the most of special offers in the Friends of the Theater an der Wien club with Jugend im Club.

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Youth opera Figaro Royal


Jugend an der Wien: FIGARO ROYAL

Jugend an der Wien: FIGARO ROYAL

Jugend an der Wien presents FIGARO ROYAL
Premiere: 19. April 2015
Musiktheater von und für Jugendliche mit Musik von W. A. Mozart
Gesamtkonzept & Inszenierung: Catherine Leiter
Schauspieltraining & Inszenierung: Beate Göbel
Musikalische Leitung: Raphael Schlüsselberg
Stimmbildung: Generose Sehr
Bühne: Jens Kilian
Kostüme: Axel E. Schneider
Produktionsleitung: Ksenija Zadravec