New Year's Eve at the Kammeroper | Na, wie Hamas

Wednesday, 31 December 2014, 8 pm

Double bass, Composition Georg Breinschmid
Accordion Tommaso Huber
Violin Sebastian Gürtler

This year the musical/musicological research conducted by Georg Breinschmid and his colleagues Sebastian Gürtler and Tommaso Huber enters its third phase following the New Year programmes Wer ist Ivica Strauss? and ArriveVerdi. Among the sensational highlights they present are numbers from the restored operetta Na, wie Hamas by W. A. Mossad and the Singspiel Zwei Christen im Dreivierteltakt. In addition, new, up-to-the-minute findings about Ivica Strauss will be revealed: the oeuvre of this composer who has been criminally overlooked, and indeed snubbed,
by scholars for years will, as in previous years, be one major feature of the programme. Among the works by Strauss, who was always ahead of his time by a good two weeks and therefore ranks among the progressives, a new musical has been found that tells the story of an Indian flatbread kept in a cage and is appropriately entitled Ein Käfig voller Naan. But the programme does not stop short at the day’s very latest news: it also includes historical reviews of the rock ’n’ roll singer Screamin’ Jay Strauss and the infamous Marco Strauss, who discovered Floridsdorf
in 1492 – may include co-opted relatives.


Doble bass, Composer

Georg Breinschmid

Accordeon, Composer, Voice

Tommaso Huber

Violin, Composer, Voice

Sebastian Gürtler