Die letzte Nacht

Wednesday, 5 November 2014
8 pm

Conception und Director: Georg Wacks
Set & costume design: Stefan Fleischhacker

Witht: Elena Schreiber, Stefan Fleischhacker, Martin Thoma,
Georg Wacks und Christoph Wagner-Trenkwitz

Ensemble „Albero Verde“:
Violin: Barbara Klebel-Vock, Rainer Ullreich
Cello: Ruth Ferlic
Clarinet: Reinhold Brunner
Piano: Christina Renghofer

Exhibition: Marie-Theres Arnbom


A celebratory revue to mark 108 years of the “Hölle”

The legendary historical cabaret programmes in the theatre and cabaret known as the “Hölle” in the basement of the Theater an der Wien enter their sixth year. Following the earthy and resounding Ruf der Heimat (The Call of Home) last year, Georg Wacks now creates the cabaret bacchanal Die Letzte Nacht (The Last Night), one hundred years after the beginning of the end of the world, in the 108th year of the “Hölle” and coinciding with the 1,200th anniversary of the death of Charlemagne. Remarkable performances of historical cabaret and variety numbers, moving Neapolitan folk songs sung in traditional costumes, melancholy chants, decadent, ecstatic dances (nearly nude!), naturalistic woodland and countryside games plus literary, humoristic gems bring the mood of this era back to life for two hours while the champagne flows freely and gaiety reigns. The now familiar extravagant décor by Stefan Fleischhacker has been designed entirely on the theme of the 150th birthday of the great Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec. Fritz Grünbaum, Fritz Löhner-Beda, Joachim Ringelnatz and Armin Berg guarantee a high standard of literary humour. Songs by Hermann Leopoldi, Ralph Benatzky and Bruno Granichstaedten round off the programme. The cultured Ensemble Albero Verde provides the music with their customary flawless playing. In the accompanying exhibition, Marie-Theres Arnbom presents a new set of long-lost artefacts from past revues as well as treasures belonging to the composer Bruno Granichstaedten.